21 11 2008

The program Second Life leads much to be desired in terms of contextualising a plausible virtual existence. Second life is an online community which plays out like a massive multiplayer experience, but actually leads itself into the realm of just plain bizarre at times. But I guess any large massive multiplayer realm which has little constraints and policing by it’s designers is at such risks. Risks you ask, what risks can be provided for in an unmonitored online realm?Let me just give you a quick rundown of my first time experience, which in fact leaves out the much more desirable aspects of this foundation of e-commerce.

The setup process was simple enough, choose a name or what-not and a generated last name will be produced. OK, Marten Wirefly time to enter your virtual existence which is second-life.First off I’m not even going to get into what sexuality Marten is, I believed I picked the Male grunge rocker look, but in fact I believe im Lola that feisty transvestite from that Kinks song by the same name.

So I entered the boring island of beginners walking and flying around getting used to the stupid orientation to this vast world. A handful of others have also been walking around aimlessly using there pointless gestures. “Hey come here” and such but the mechanics are fairly simple. So I struck up a conversation in this beginners hall . I found myself asking the others what their perceived first reactions of this game were. Many were from other countries Africa, or Venezuela so at least the international appeal was quite astounding, but more on that appeal later. They were funny beginnerswith no preconceived notions on where to go. I suggested to them the Sanbox, relatively simple zones with limitless building capabilities. But then one female offered to dance with me and I flew away. Again I have this Lola complex where your not entirely sure if you’re even dancing with a female on the other end. I could be dancing with a 45 year old Gacey-like clown over in Wisconsin. No thankyou, even a virtual avatar has its standards.

So where did I go first you ask? Well I was curious. What is the true epitome of demise and pure malice, perhaps a virtual replica of Hell but in a strip club fashion. “Sins of the flesh” was the first thought that came to my mind. A whole club I believe called the 9thCircle with loud techno trance music streaming through my speakers. With daemon succubus strippers grinding virtual poles. The loathing was overwhelming, this was in-fact virtual hell on virtual scale in second life.Abandon all faith ye in this virtual world. It’s exactly what I searched for, so I was aware of the repercussions. But the whole time this club would send me supposed fliers of full time sex at 9:00. But there is always a price, but what really perplexed me was that some sad-sadistic sap would pay real cash ($) to engage in virtual sex with succubus’s who could in fact steal his/her very soul through this sexual act. But the worst part was that those fiends gained my e-mail account and e-mail about these sex parties for furries. Damn I feel like I actually left with a Second Life HIV.

But there is a real money exchange called lyndons and lyndons make the Second Life world go round. Everywhere you turn there are virtual shops with COUNTLESS pointless items which give a certain “flair” to your virtual avatar. Excuse me for the biased remarks but I must remember that these pointless items play into a large million dollar virtual commerce which these items rack in. Some people actually sit in there underwear all day designing shops or plaza’ for virtual shopping and will make there living off of that. What an interesting and perplexing concept.

I was in an acid-infused fantasy lalandscape with spiraling colors and whirling sunflowers when I ran into the third Reich vampires. When can someone really write a sentence like that in there life? But there I was, and this German vampire female/she-male was typing in German but there was an implemented translator carefully translating her requests to suck on my neck. She asked Marten why don’t you smoke this giant virtual bong, all the while this German third Reich fellow would scream the psychobabble of one Adolph Hitler all while saluting Nazism pouring out of my speakers. This is the 9th circle right here on the virtual plane. People are just plain strange and next time I won’t leave a PG rated area for fear of what I mentioned above.

The companies capitalize on the sheer marketability. The designers have a whole sandbox to design with concepts both revolutionary and surreal. The geeks have their PVP and their Star Wars ships and stories. To escape is necessary but for me the it’s the books that rip my life away, not the virtual Second Life. The escape is in literature and video-games for me thankyou. But you’ll have to excuse me there’s a virtual midget bondage session at the 9th Circle and I’ve been instructed to bring the whips!




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21 11 2008

You raise some interesting questions about the nature of man and the players of games and I’ve linked to this from my own posting on Hypercompendia. But damn; that song won’t go out of my head now!

23 11 2008

I know susan that song reminds me of summertime and nestling by a crackling fire. Thanks for the link, as you can tell I was disturbed by the voyerism that was displayed on these online massive multiplayer worlds.

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